the View from Here #4

One Month to Live Campaign

We are about to launch our church campaign that will run through Easter. On Friday our first small groups meet. It’s still not too late to join a group! (If you want to join a group and have not already signed up, then contact either the group leader or Pastor Paul at the church.) 
The sermon series will start on Sunday, February 21 and the books that go along with the campaign are available in the church lobby. We are asking for a $10 donation to cover the cost of the books. If you cannot afford this, please feel free to take a book anyway!

Small Groups

Small Groups start Friday! Each of you is invited to be a part of a six week small group. There are three groups doing the campaign:
-Fridays 6:30pm @ The Haltermans
-Fridays 6:30pm @ The Dauenbaughs
-Sundays 6pm @ The Sechrists
This Sunday we will celebrate communion together in our worship service. What a great way to remember the Love of God on the day our world remembers love.

Living Faith

This small group will be focusing on why we should & how we can live more like Jesus. This group starts February 17 at 7:30pm and will meet every other Wednesday at Max Halterman’s house.

Coming Events

February 28 
Missions Trip meeting following Sunday service.

March 1
Meat Canning Day for MCC. Contact Joyce Lehman if interested.
March 24
Maundy Thursday Service 6pm.
March 27  
Easter Breakfast and Service