January 23, 2017 Newsletter

the View from Here #4

One Month to Live Campaign

We are about to launch our church campaign that will run through Easter. On Friday our first small groups meet. It’s still not too late to join a group! (If you want to join a group and have not already signed up, then contact either the group leader or Pastor Paul at the church.) 
The sermon series will start on Sunday, February 21 and the books that go along with the campaign are available in the church lobby. We are asking for a $10 donation to cover the cost of the books. If you cannot afford this, please feel free to take a book anyway!

Small Groups

Small Groups start Friday! Each of you is invited to be a part of a six week small group. There are three groups doing the campaign:
-Fridays 6:30pm @ The Haltermans
-Fridays 6:30pm @ The Dauenbaughs
-Sundays 6pm @ The Sechrists
This Sunday we will celebrate communion together in our worship service. What a great way to remember the Love of God on the day our world remembers love.

Living Faith

This small group will be focusing on why we should & how we can live more like Jesus. This group starts February 17 at 7:30pm and will meet every other Wednesday at Max Halterman’s house.

Coming Events

February 28 
Missions Trip meeting following Sunday service.

March 1
Meat Canning Day for MCC. Contact Joyce Lehman if interested.
March 24
Maundy Thursday Service 6pm.
March 27  
Easter Breakfast and Service

The View From Here #3

One Month to Live
This is our church-wide campaign we will be focused on for Six Weeks. There are several different ways for you to plug in. You choose how deep you want to go each option is independent of the others, but the more you participate the more you will get out of this campaign! Here are the three different ways to engage:
  • Attend Sunday Service.  The sermons from February 21 through Easter Sunday March 27 will be focused on the One Month to Live material.
  • Join a Six Week Small Group. See the info and options in the “Six Week Small Groups” column of this email!
  • Read the One Month to Live book. It has a short chapter for each day that goes along with the small group and sermon material.
Six Week Small Groups
Brothers and Sisters, each of you are invited to be part of a six week small group as we go through the One Month to Live Campaign here at Pleasant View. Here is the whole premise of this campaign – If you knew you only had one month to live, how would you live differently? Why not live that way all the time? How does Jesus’ life show us this example?
There are 3 different small groups to choose from:
  1. Mark & Carol Sechrist will be leading a small group onSunday nights at 6pm from Feb. 14th to March 20. 
  2. Jeff & Kim Halterman will be leading a small group onFriday nights at 7pm from Feb. 12th to March 18th. 
  3. Paul & Dawn Dauenbaugh will be leading a small group onFriday nights at 6:30pm from Feb. 12th to March 18th.

Please sign up by this Sunday, February 7th so we can make sure you have all the materials needed.

Sign up by responding to this email or on the sign up sheets in the church lobby. (You can still join a small group later, this just helps us to make sure we have enough resources!)
Mission’s Trip Fundraisers
In our first newsletter, I outlined what we would need in order to do the pancake breakfast fundraiser. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time to do the breakfast well. As a result we have to cancel the pancake breakfast fundraiser.            The fundraising team is working on a Giant gift card fundraiser. This is where people simply buy the gift cards at face value and Giant donates 5%. (So, if you buy a $100 gift card, you get the $100 gift card and Giant gives $5 to the church/missions trip) Watch for more details coming soon! Additionally, the knife fundraiser is still available to any one who wants to sell more and the fundraising team is willing to meet with anyone who still needs to raise more money. If interested, contact Dawn. 

The View From Here #2

Church Council

This Sunday following service, please plan to be a part of our annual Church Council meeting. We will be providing lunch of pizza, chips, and drinks. The meeting will be led by our Church Leadership Team (board). We will give reviews of all aspects of ministry from the last year, discuss plans for the new year, and elect new ministry team leaders. Hope to see you there!

Small Groups

Coming in February, we will launch small groups. The exact times and locations will be announced shortly. We will start with a six session group that will meet in coordination with our One Month to Live Series that will also begin in February and go until Easter. 

I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining a small group for this time. It is an investment in your faith and our church. Together we will grow to learn, trust and challenge one another. As we do this, God will grow us. If you take up the challenge to join a small group, I guarantee your life will be changed for the better!

-Pastor Paul

Small groups are a great opportunity to get to know each other better and live out our faith together.
Small Group Leader Training
Saturday from 9-11am in the Ministry House living room we will have our small group leader training. This training is in preparation for the launch of small groups that will go along with the One Month to Live campaign we will be doing in our services.

The View From Here #1

Newsletter Update

Welcome to the new Pleasant View BIC newsletter Update! This is the first installment of a new weekly communication that will give you info on what is happening at PV as well as occasional thoughts from Pastor Paul on living out our faith in our community or things that effect us all (like the worst snowstorm ever!). If you have any questions or thoughts, please email back or give me a call. 
My projection for what the church will look like on Sunday Morning 🙂

Church Council:

Now January 31st
It appears that we are going to see some snow this weekend. (Understatement of the year – but the year is young!) In light of this impending doom, we are going to move our church council meeting back a week. We will now have the meeting following our service on January 31, 2016. There will be a pizza lunch followed by our meeting. We will be giving reports on the past year and things we are looking at for the coming year. The meeting will probably last until 2 or 2:30pm. Everyone is invited, but only members are allowed to vote by denomination rules. I look forward to sharing the things that God is laying before us for our year of Renewal! 

Weather Updates

This year we are going to advertise any weather closings on CBS 21. We are switching because channel 8 does not guarantee that they will post the closing on TV. This has caused a problem in the past since we have several people that do not use the internet. Pastor Paul will make the decision by Saturday at 3pm if we are going to cancel service for January 24. The link to the online version of the CBS closings is below. Thanks!

Mission Breakfast Needs Your Help!

We need help if we are going to do a fundraiser breakfast on March 12 at the Pleasant View COB church on Rt. 24. There are some specific things that we need. First, we need someone to try to get food donations to make the breakfast, second we need people to get donations from businesses and individuals so we can have a silent auction during the breakfast, and we need people to work the breakfast itself – setup, cooking, register, cleanup. If you are able to help with any of these things, please let me know. This is a great way to support the Navajo Mission even if you are not going on the mission trip. Unfortunately, if we don’t have enough help, we won’t be able to do the breakfast.