Pleasant View Bretheren in Christ Church

We realize that people are searching for spirituality, and you may be one of those folks.  Who can you trust? Where is a safe place to explore?  It is our desire to be that “safe place” for those searching for faith and belief.  We hope that the road you take will lead you to  Pleasant View BIC. Experience the difference our congregation can make in your life!

Our hope is that along with us, you experience Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
We too are on a journey and we love for you to join us on the road to discovery.
We are an Anabaptist, Arminian, Wesleyan Holiness  congregation open to all who seek to Worship and follow Jesus Christ in an honest and sincere manner.
We are currently in the process of changing pastors and have a series of guest speakers lined up for the summer. Details on the speakers can be found in the Sunday Sermons page. 
Our Services are on Sunday mornings with the following time schedule:
Growth Groups:            9:00 
Coffee & Fellowship:    10:05
Worship Service:          10:30